From top to bottom

I found the most bizarre 2 minute clip on You Tube just now. I am all for giving 2 girls a cup, and recording them on 1080p. I don’t have a moral conflict with what I found, and I certainly don’t try to avoid the wacky that people can be (from a safe distance, of course) No, no, no! Let me preface this by saying I hold no judgement against anyone who indulges in taboos, that society has placed on them. Taboo is a relative term, I don’t care what kind of kink you are into, I just don’t understand a lot of it. I’m for freedom, regardless. I have no tolerance for rape in any form. No matter how strong an urge may be, you can’t indulge in the destruction of someone’s soul. If I felt something was pushing me to hurt someone, I would seek help. I don’t understand the people who don’t. If you become a monster, then I refuse to give you basic human rights. We should have been medically (not barbarically) castrating for the last 20 years. I believe there would not be the amount of sexual assault today that we presently must endure. In Alaska, 1 in every 3 women is raped. I’m shocked there is not more of an outrage. There are reasons believed to be tied into the population, or lack there of, but in America? I’m disgusted, absolutely disgusted.
I assume these perps live in a denial so strong, they must think that the victim will get over it, after all you didn’t kill them, it was just sex. As though prison rape isn’t a tool to demoralize, emasculate, and give another human deeply disturbing emotional break downs for the rest of their natural lives. No matter their denial, the sin of a killer can be attributed to something other than that of the damned. Which is what you are if you rape women, men, or children, or even animals. Wait! Especially animals! They certainly weren’t dressed like they were asking for it.
I guess I feel strongly about this because I’m haunted by friends who cried on my shoulder, saying “I wish he would of killed me, that would have been better than this.” If you think she was overreacting, you must realize how disconnected you are. Life is measured in quality, everything that made her feel safe and secure in the world and in herself, was stolen. If she had been killed, the victimizing would be over. Now, she is victimized daily. She longs for intimacy, yet she is unable to emotionally, because her brain went into survival mode. I can tell you from my own experiences, that switch never turns back. Your body reacts completely different than what you want it to do. I’m against the death penalty, but I’m very in favor of castration. If she can’t cum, you shouldn’t either.
I know that was a lot to digest, I felt it necessary to explain that rape is not sex. It has nothing to do with sex. By definition, the act of sex is a completely consenting behavior, the moment one removes their consent, that is the moment you must remove your penis. I’m a man. I know what a man is capable of doing. At no point does one become incapable of controling their body. Yes, it is not pleasurable, maybe it gives you some self doubt, but so what! You are not in pain, and no one owes you anything. You weren’t recieving someones appendage into your orifice, so the person on the recieving end has the right to say no more. True lovers are not having to beg someone to recieve them because they are completely into the other persons experience. Which in turn, leaves an open door. Sex is intimate. Sex changes the dynamic of everything. If it is handled responsibly, it is a blessing. If it is not, it’s a curse. Regardless, sex is confusing to people. If they don’t understand something, they tend to lump it in a category which is not a kin to. Homosexuals are no more prone to molesting children, than heterosexuals. However, I have witnessed the apprehension of some who concerned about their children being exposed to homosexuals, actually raises the risk. I was exposed to many things at a variety of different ages. I have never, not once, been enticed to indulge in anything or than monogamy, it doesn’t fit any other way. I’m pretty monogamous in my fantasies. I’m not putting on some facade either, because it has been a ridiculous disability in today’s gay. Now, gay guys date in groups. I’m not saying group sex, although I don’t see why that should be an issue. I’m saying circles of friends, seemingly plutonic friends just do it. It seems like mutual masturbation, which is hideously boring. Since we’re friends, you want to have sex? Just because ? Hum, not really, but if you want to, I will. What? How does “not really” become what sex is suppossed to become. I can’t fake that kind of enthusiasm. I may love you as a friend, I might give you the shirt off my back, or even jump in front of a bullet. I appreciate these friendships because with sex not in the equation, I can see so many more dimensions of that person, whereas sex seems to lead to bliss or diss. You are judged on a whole different kind of level once you have sex with someone. You can never see that person the way the rest of the world might see them, because intimacy does not allow that. Atleast, that is what I used to believe. I’m not sure, sometimes it seems as though sex is nothing but a good deed. You seem like a nice guy, yeah, I’ll blow ya.


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