It sucks to be you.

October 23, 2008 - Leave a Response

Figure out what you believe in before you start looking for who you are, and what you should do. Any other order brings chaos,confusion, and  self destruction.
Anger is as justifiable as any other emotion. Like all emotion, you must be weary of where it leads you. Inspiration is anger creating, not destroying. This is what decides the value of a man’s character. We have all been wronged by the world. We all have the right to be pissed. However, even righteous anger can  lead you to hell, at that point it has become your enemy, thus losing  whatever truth it initially had.
If it had no truth to begin with, then you’re fucked! If you have something you believe in, you then have a compass that will lead you from the lies that come from inside.
Face it. Everyone lies and everyone dies. Since that is the truth, all of your competitive instincts are lies. Nobody wins this game, I know this is true. One man’s blessing is another man’s curse. If it sucks for you, take comfort, it sucks for everyone, no matter what that bitch said. Let go of your past, otherwise, other people won’t let go it too. People who don’t let go of the old you, have no right to know the new you.
If the tune you whistle is “If they could see you now!”, you should really be glad they can’t. Why start your own hate club? Did you really think flaunting will change their minds? No, you simply gave them the passion to watch you fall. People who have enemies are never innocent. They may be misunderstood, but not innocent. If this loss of innocence now somehow bothers you, it means you have sleeping too long. It’s okay, if you’ve been sleeping, just wake up. First thing you should note, upon waking, don’t concern yourself anymore with taking criticism to heart, people can only see what they have done too. I was asleep, just like you, I will die, just like you. If you go back to sleep, because awake initially hurts, fuck you. Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to. Since we are all in the same boat, don’t get on board, if you don’t intend to paddle. There are no free rides on a spiritual journey, just an indefinite amount of time to get to the finish line.
We all get to the finish line, some sooner than others. We don’t all go to the same place, contrary to popular belief. The good news is that you get to choose. No one will be surprised on the flip side.
They will be anything but surprised. As a matter of fact, that might be the surprise, they really did know, and just had not given their instinct any credit. They listened to others, but never themselves. Were they bamboozled by Beelzebub? Not at all, they simply bet against the truth.  They hoped the lie was true, and that it really is all about you. If you think no one knows what you’re thinking, you are wrong. You simply cannot fool all of the people, any of the time. Even those who play along are simply choosing denial, or setting you up. If you can’t be honest with anyone, you are the loneliest person alive. If you pity another person, you can count on the fact that person will surpass you. If you ignore the wrongs you have done to others, you will forever carry the burden of it. If you face it, immediately that burden is gone.
You cannot be forgiven if you don’t ask for forgiveness. This doesn’t destroy anyone else but you.
The most important lesson is the one in which you find comfort, does it heel you or kill you.  There are opiate receptors in your brain, please, don’t fuck with them. Your best defense is to never open the door. Once you begin the fight, you won’t know if you will survive, all you can do is keep fighting. If you opened the door in the first place, you deserve  every scar you receive. If you don’t have any scars, don’t go looking for them, they will surely come to you.